Reel Therapy (ebook)

Reel Therapy (ebook)

Gary Solomon
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Reel Therapy® DR. SOLOMON’S SECOND BOOK, VOLUME 2, ON THE SUBJECT OF CINEMATHERAPY® Who needs a therapist’s couch when you can sit in the comfort of your living room and watch the movies recommended by Dr. Gary Solomon, America’s leading cinematherapist. In Reel Therapy, Dr. Solomon-The Movie Doctor®-prescribes specific movies for you to watch in order to help you deal with all of life’s emotional problems. From tearjerkers like Brian’s Song to dysfunctional family dramas like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Reel Therapy takes the reader on a therapeutic journey to the heart of cinema’s healing powers. Complete with cast credits, movie reviews, and psychological analysis, Reel Therapy will help you enjoy film on a completely different level. So if you’re looking for an emotional escape or a few larger-than-life characters to empathize with, just pop in one of Dr. Solomon’s 'prescriptions’ and take in what any given movie has to offer. When I was a child there were some movies that touched me in a way that was different than all the westerns and war movies that were the popular cinematic features of the day. I liked movies that could make me feel things. Now, I didn't exactly know what my feelings were back then, but whatever was happening when I watched movies, I liked it. I found I was interested in biographies or real-life stories, which seemed more real to me. I liked hearing about people's lives, learning about their personal experiences, and sharing their emotions. The Great Houdini, The Thomas Edison Story, and The Benny Goodman Story all meant more to me than any action movie that everyone else was watching. I preferred movies that had a message, and when one of those movies came on the television, I got lost-lost in a world that protected me from the fear, pain, and abuse that were my constant reminders that life was not a happy place to be.

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