Nayxana Alien Woman (ebook)

Nayxana Alien Woman (ebook)

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A half-blood alien woman called Nayxana, (descended from the Ryxins who first came to Earth in 1905) is found brutally murdered in her own home. Her husband, a Human, is arrested at the scene and taken to prison to await trial. But the dead woman's son doesn't believe his father is guilty and seeks the help of Curtis McCoy, Ryxin private investigator – to find the real killer. Curtis, helped by his Trainee Assistant, Janux Lennan, takes on the case. Soon it becomes obvious that Nayxana isn't the only Ryxin woman to be murdered. What is the link? Why are these particular women being targeting and by whom? Curtis knows time is short in his quest to save the husband's life – as Human law demands the death penalty for anyone who kills their spouse. But is he sure the murdered woman's husband is really innocent? After all he is known to have been physically abusive to his wife in the past. Curtis and his Trainee Assistant, Janux have plenty to contend with as they try to find out why Nayxana and other Ryxin women are being murdered on the island. There are many twists and turns to the story as Curtis and Janux struggle to find out who wants these women dead. They also struggle with their own relationship as Janux finds being in love with a Ryxin male who is also her boss isn't easy. But Janux wants to complete her training and stay with the man she loves - only can she get him to understand that his way of treating her, isn't what a woman needs? Going from hot to cold can be very hurtful. Staying focused on the case and finding the killers helps to steady their relationship as they both struggle with tiredness, frustration, lack of help from the Human police and the never-ending quest for the truth. Curtis won't settle for anything less.

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Nayxana Alien Woman (ebook)


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