Time Lies Fate & Family (ebook)

Time Lies Fate & Family (ebook)

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Time Lies Fate & Family (book 1) Blurb The story begins in Brighton Australia where internationally respected criminal defence attorney Storm Madison takes control of the courtrooms at the Supreme Court. Injustice her biggest enemy. As if life isn't complicated enough an innocent glance at a magazine article opens her up to a myriad of madness and mayhem. An unwanted intrusion into her personal space is to throw her into a world so filled with chaos it will make the one she comes from look mild by its comparison. Storm Madison doesn't like to lose but can she win this one and live to tell the tale. Her once peaceful world is now spiralling out of control. One part of her life is opening up to emotions she has never had to feel. The other a danger so real no one may survive. Storm learns many lessons none more real than trust. Storm Madison; Criminal attorney extraordinaire. She is feared and revered the world over for her immense and intense legal prowess. She has both style and substance, and is bewitchingly beautiful with her olive skin and jet-black hair, and, those famous, or as some would say, infamous green eyes. She is strangely unaware of her beauty; yet she is extremely aware of her legal presence. You will love to hate her, be angered by her ways, and yet at the same time be inspired by her moments of kindness. To call her complex would be an understatement. Come on her journey; I am inviting you.

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Time Lies Fate & Family (ebook)


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