Go Big Or Go Home (ebook)

Go Big Or Go Home (ebook)

Anna Bardin
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Anna Bardin brings readers captivating stories of plus-size girls finding love and lust wherever it may lie. A sampling: Ali, a happily married coffee shop owner, nonetheless worries about The Last Three Inches her short body has thus far been unable to conquer. With help from her friend and onetime lover Kacy, walls are broken down and new frontiers of love spring into their lives. Dirty Laundry details an anonymous encounter that shakes up Julie's world at a time when her self-esteem is being challenged by her boyfriend. Things go bump in the night. In Surrender Abby, a new graduate nervous about her first time with her beloved boyfriend finds ways around her fears and her body image. By entrusting herself to Jace, she learns the value of patience, and of letting go. In Owned, the sexual indifference of gamer girl Kate is shattered by a chance reconnection with an old flame. It's not love, but it's something more than she's ever experienced, and her expectations will never be the same. Kaylee is used to being in charge, but wonders if her boyfriend's submission is intention or just weakness. In Turnabout, she tests him on the issue, and unlocks a beast. Johnette's routine at boutique special service provider Suite 202 is broken by a shockingly adept visitation. Number 71 takes hold of her imagination, and caution is thrown to the wind as she seeks to acquire a more permanent solution to her problems. Amy is just Amy to her friends. But at night, she's The Gobbler, gratifier of renown at the Jackalope pub. But when an opportunity arises to help a friend in need, Amy learns a few things about her own desires. Tia and Alonso are friends. But their bodies wish they were far more. Both loyally married to others, they embark on a risky venture: To recreate the friction of new love, the better to take it home and unleash the fury upon their spouses.

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Go Big Or Go Home (ebook)


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