May The Words Of My Mouth And The Meditation Of My Heart Be Pleasing In You (ebook)

May The Words Of My Mouth And The Meditation Of My Heart Be Pleasing In You (ebook)

Sarah Frost
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My prayers are addressed to God Elohim - God the Father & God the Mother. When God was creating human beings, He said, "Let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness." When God created man in the image of God, MALE and FEMALE came out. This means that in the original image of God, there are two images: male and female. We the human beings - both male and female - perfectly reflect the image of God. If we call the male image of God "God the Father," the logic demands us to call the female image of God "God the Mother." We must believe in our spiritual Mother as well as in our spiritual Father. Our usage of the language testifies to this fact as well: when we ponder upon the word "God the Father" that we are so much accustomed to, the fact that we use the term "God the Father" and not just simply "God" implies that there is another God who cannot be called the Father; since father is a parent and the only other parent in the family is mother, we should call this other God, "God the Mother." We call God "God the Father" and ourselves "children of God," speaking in the terms only used in a family, which means we are obviously talking about a family; then, who is missing from this picture? Mother. The heavenly family which is the perfect family that all the earthly families were modeled after cannot be a broken home without Mother. The word 'father' is a relative term: no matter how old a man gets, unless he has children through a woman, he can never be called father. In the same way, the terms "God the Father" and "children of God" are relative: the usage of these terms is absolutely based on the assumption of the existence of God the Mother. There is no direct connection between father and children except through mother: mother is the link or the common denominator between them. We talk about God's work in terms of "giving life" and "the pains of childbirth," but this cannot be about God the Father, because it is Mother, not Father, who exactly fits those descriptions.

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May The Words Of My Mouth And The Meditation Of My Heart Be Pleasing In You (ebook)


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