Theory Of Freedom (ebook)

Theory Of Freedom (ebook)

Daniel Zuzul
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The philosophy of life has eluded many people, and hence, it continues to seek succour from various sources of dispersed knowledge, not knowing that the answers to life's questions and all existence is right there on our door step; ranging from the original framework and therefore finding the right coordinates to excel further. The theory of relativity tries to understand the aspect of freedom and thus considers the reference point of an object in space, and the seeming demonstration of various reference frames, which are actually not separate, but rather interdependent or dependent as the case may be. This book aims to help resolve the difficulty and mystery surrounding the understanding of the theory of relativity, and by looking at the various Lorentz-Einstein in order to transform them into a single equation, it can now be referred to as the Freedom equation. The Freedom equation would then be able to answer and resolve all aspects of matter and wave upon which our world is built, by appropriately illustrating the state of freedom for phenomena and their time cohorts. The freedom equation would therefore provide the need for the theory of relativity to change and incorporate into the theory of freedom, which would still place an emphasis on the function of space and time. However, now, with the inclusion of speed and distance to demonstrate this variation and uniqueness in matter and wave function and their processes, we must bear in mind that matter and wave are a function (product) of these four variables (space, speed, distance, and time), which can either be dependent, interdependent, or independent. It is hoped that this book's usefulness is applicable in other endeavours that are humanistic and religious, and hence influence the entire formation activity of both Humans and Nature.

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Theory Of Freedom (ebook)


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