Peeveetry (ebook)

Peeveetry (ebook)

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A book of poetry, some serious ones, others humorous, if not downright 'off the wall.' Paul J. Volkmann, a journalist, professional photographer, and entrepreneur for over 52 years, has considered his passion for writing a gift from God. In 2011, he published a book titled 'Off the Wall Favorites.' It contained 57 of his first 358 columns which he wrote for the Latrobe Bulletin newspaper. As a opinionated columnist, he is still contributing his writings to that newspaper which are read around the world. He also writes about nature in a column that is also featured weekly called, 'Inside the Outdoors.' Not only does he cover the various seasons for harvesting various game, but as he likes to state, "Anything that is not inside is outside, and if it's out there, then I plan to write about it." The works of the two contributing authors, Beatrice C. Volkmann, my mother, and Kelsey L. Volkmann, my daughter, are also featured. Writing for Mom was always a fond pastime. Becoming progressively bedfast during the last 25 years of her life, she spent her time with pen and pad, noting thoughts that came to her mind. Her writings capture the essence of life and reveal her great passion for preserving our world and its people. Just like her father, Kelsey has had a passion for writing. Presently, she's editor of a daily news site, corporate magazine and weekly news show for a Fortune 500 financial services firm. Previously she worked for three newspapers covering government, politics, education and crime. She was also web editor of the St. Louis Business Journal.

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Peeveetry (ebook)


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