Economic Despotism (ebook)

Economic Despotism (ebook)

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The primary objective of this book is to explain three legislative outlines intended for implementation at the county, state, and federal levels of government, and the issues this legislation addresses. The first outline is the Centers for Economic Planning and Bottom Up Prosperity Act. The template is based on the state of California, and would create Centers for Economic Planning using a nominal sales tax, a penny per item, that would generate over 2 billion dollars annually to distribute between 58 county centers. The centers operate through representation and direct democratic mechanisms; built in the image of a corporation for the purpose of exercising the rights of a collective person, and separate from government. They will allow people to decide what they are going to produce to make the necessary transition towards renewable energy and sustainability, as well as allow people without capital, to create their own opportunities. The centers will make owners out of those who own nothing, allowing all people a stake in the prosperity of their local economies; as well as allowing them to purchase from themselves where opportunities can be created to do so. As the collective pool of wealth is grown, through the businesses that are created and acquired through the Centers for Economic Planning, people will be able to decide in a local, and truly democratic fashion, how they want to direct those funds. That direction includes not only production, but also influencing politics as private wealth does presently. The profit from CEP owned businesses, which would otherwise be held by the owning class, can be appropriated any way the people of the county wish. In economic terms, you could call it buying a little bit of socialism through capitalism. I call it economic democratization existing within a state sponsored market economy. I accept that the system in the United States was designed to serve wealth to power, or to be directed by wealth.

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Economic Despotism (ebook)


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