Everything You Want To Say In Business English : Advancing In Spanish (ebook)

Everything You Want To Say In Business English : Advancing In Spanish (ebook)

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Are there occasions when your knowledge of business English vocabulary and phrases does not quite live up to the high standards you have set yourself? Are you sharp and confident for the most part but every so often in need of an English language boost? We all know how tough it is out there in the business environment, where a word or two at the right time in the right place could be a deal maker or the ideal springboard to launch you to further success. Perhaps you've been using English in emails, in conversation, even in writing reports for a long time, but you know there are one or two areas where you could benefit from knowing exactly how to express yourself in a more targeted and convincing fashion. How many of you would like to know more English versions of the most potent and effective expressions you use in your native Spanish, ones that really fit the occasion to a tee? The answer to all these questions and more is right here. Dr. Emmanuel Skourtis and his team have the ideal solution for someone who has mastered the basics of Business English, both formal and conversational, but is still looking to brush up on the more advanced vocabulary and phraseology to help them take the lead in any Business English setting. Coupled with his own experience of over 25 years as a top business executive who has come up against all the pitfalls of using English and has triumphed over the challenges, Dr. Skourtis has drawn upon the services of a number of highly rated and distinguished business people from a broad range of fields as well as experts in the grammatical, syntactical and lexicographical elements of English. Together they have created an incredibly comprehensive, informative and advanced Spanish to English/ English to Spanish guide which will enable you to enhance your standard of English conversation, really make those presentations sound smooth and polished and ensure that your writing is error-free.

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Everything You Want To Say In Business English : Advancing In Spanish (ebook)


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