Holiday Treats (ebook)

Holiday Treats (ebook)

M J Lumbert
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WINTER SOLSTICE Some folks see the past as just that, the past. Some see it as the future; history repeats itself, that's the saying. Then there are those who feel history is LIFE… the blood that made the past and flows through the present and will become the future. Which of these you are, depends on what speaks to you, what speaks to your soul? Do you treasure the items of your ancestors? Do you just consider them junk? Or are you somewhere in the middle? How we feel about the past is important to our future, but we can't allow it to rule our future. We have to live and love, grow and evolve. Our existence is an ever changing process of surviving and moving forward into the next generation. CHRISTMAS SWEETS Into each one's life a varying amount of bad luck must fall. There will be a point in time that you'll need the help of another and if you've been pleasant and not too bitchy, you could be surprised. A close group of friends wants to allow a new member into their circle, with the exception of one. What will it take to change the opposing member's mind? Is there such a thing as too many friends? NEW YEARS PROMISES Teachers are said to have hearts of gold. They go above and beyond for their students; because often they spend more time with the kids then the parents are able to. When a new child enters Tessa Hudson's first grade class, she does what's needed to help the new child acclimate. When Tessa meets this new child's mother, she has more questions than answers, but is willing to put in the extra time needed to get those answers as well. These three couples face issues found in all of us. They are regular women doing what they enjoy in the work force and like the rest of us, they want to find love for themselves. That in itself is not always an easy task. So join in their quest for love and maybe you will see a bit of yourself in one of them.

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Holiday Treats (ebook)


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