Death Waits At Sundown (ebook)

Death Waits At Sundown (ebook)

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Lynn Taylor and his kid brother Frank may not be angels, but they're not devils, either.  They're just a couple of men—two-fisted Texans who have landed on the wrong side of a corrupt lawman.  And like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, they're up to their necks in trouble.Young Frank's been framed for robbery, rustling and murder, and if Lynn doesn't think fast, his brother's going to end up the guest of dishonor at a hanging party.  Lynn cooks up a daring plan to clear his brother's name and rope in the real outlaw.But it means Lynn will have to turn outlaw himself, and if he's caught, it'll be his neck on the line—and in the noose.Hailing from the western states of Nebraska, Oklahoma and Montana, Hubbard grew up surrounded by grizzled frontiersmen and leather-tough cowboys. When he chose to write stories of the Old West, Hubbard didn't have to go far to do his research, drawing on his own memories of a youth steeped in the life and legends of the American frontier.Also includes the Western adventures, Ride 'Em Cowboy, the story of a man and woman's rodeo rivalry that leads to romance, and Boss of the Lazy B, in which a lady gets swindled—and the swindler ultimately gets justice. “Rough and tumble action with a twist, and all are a great read.” —True West magazine* International Book Awards Finalist for best Western fiction 2012.

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Death Waits At Sundown (ebook)


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