The 4-Tions (ebook)

The 4-Tions (ebook)

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- Not since the depths of the Great Depression have job seekers faced a more challenging and competitive employment environment. Who will survive and even thrive under economic conditions reminiscent of our country’s darkest economic era? Fortunately, authors Rahim, Holloway, and Summerour have condensed what it takes to identify and secure meaningful employment in today’s grueling job market into four time tested, research proven and fundamental concepts …the 4-Tions: Documentation, Preparation, Presentation and Communication. As a job creator and serial, social entrepreneur it has been my greatest responsibility to hire and supervise the talent of entry-level through professional employees to perform critical services in high-risk, high-needs environments for over 20 years. My strategic advantage within my marketplace is found within my employees. Accordingly, in every hiring decision, the 4-Tions have been indispensable to and decisive in my strategic employment process. I require that my prospective employees document impeccable credentials, indicate significant prior knowledge about my companies, exhibit excellent communication skills, and demonstrate a superior level of professionalism appropriate to their tasks. In addition, I require that my employees display the ability to leave a lasting positive impression on my clients and customers by being the most knowledgeable people in the room in their area of expertise at all times. In fact, the 4-Tions is more than a practical, user-friendly guide to successfully gaining employment in a highly competitive environment. It also encourages life-long learning and facilitates networking through effective and efficient use of social media and other technology. Michael Cade, Founder and CEO Smart Giving® LLC Risk Reduction 365™ Companies Philadelphia Metro Area.

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The 4-Tions (ebook)


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