The Sword Of Magna (ebook)

The Sword Of Magna (ebook)

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THE SWORD OF MAGNA (A synopsis) The Sword of Magna is an epic fantasy tale that takes place during the Second Age of Magnatus, an earthlike planet in a distant solar system. The story starts out with the hero, Chryslan, searching for his incorrigible pet whipple, Barkly. In his search, the young dwelfling inadvertently stumbles across the golden tip of an ancient sylvanian sword, complete with exquisite engravings. This discovery would attract some unwanted attention, and come to change his life forever. He is unwittingly drawn in to a sinister plot by the dagons to seize Axphalia for their own. Along the way he loses his pet whipple, two of his childhood friends, his edelite slave, three of his father's four treadlings, and a great number of his new acquaintances. In the course of his travels he befriends a few of the orchnids, and meets the forest nymphs, the dagons, the felonians, two of the mirror people, and one of the swamp folk. He is captured and tortured by the brutal dagons who leave him for dead, attacked by a fearsome sea serpent on the Eternal Lake, and swept away by a mighty subterranean river. He is also the one who at last must wield the reforged sword and stand face to face with the mighty Ildecor at the climax of the story, as foretold by a prophecy written in the ancient lore books. The Sword Of Magna is also a tale of unrequited love. Chryslan falls for Heidi, an orchnid girl who he meets in Gracefield after someone steals his sword tip. All the way through his struggles he is sustained by the thought of her, but when he returns to her side after defeating the invaders, she tells him that she is in love with someone else, and that they are soon to be married. At the end of the story, the Third Age of Magnatus commences, heralding a season of peace and prosperity.

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The Sword Of Magna (ebook)


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