Sky Imp (ebook)

Sky Imp (ebook)

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They called Bob Lennox a coward when Von Thelm, ace of the Nazi Luftwaffe, ran him out of the skies. Then Bob found the way to make a friend out of his real foe! excerpt Bob Lennox paused at the turn in the road leading to the little group of stone farm buildings in the distance. He looked back over the way he had come, and it was as though he looked back upon some unpleasant memory of the past. He knew, now, just what he had to do. That lonely walk had done him good. He dropped the butt of his cigarette into the dust of the road and ground it into lifelessness with a purposeful heel. Then, squaring his shoulders, he went on. Lights gleamed from the windows of the farm buildings when Bob Lennox reached them. Evening was deepening swiftly into night, and heavy shadows lay draped over the outwardly peaceful English countryside. Only those who knew would look for the signs of clever camouflaging which hid the fact that the farm buildings and its fields were in reality a British airdrome. It was several months before the catastrophe of Pearl Harbor. The Nazi Luftwaffe still swept in vicious waves over English cities and towns. American air fighters were making history in the R.A.F. Bob Lennox was one of the many who had volunteered. But in a sense he was almost isolated here, for he was the only American with the tiny 15th R.A.F. pursuit squadron hidden “somewhere” in the north of England. It was this more than anything else which made things so difficult for him.

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Chester Geier
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Sky Imp (ebook)


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