The Mummy Of Ret-Seh (ebook)

The Mummy Of Ret-Seh (ebook)

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What weird science lay in the mummy case of Ret-Seh? What uncanny power created this lovely, terrifying vision? excerpt The mummy case was the finest thing of its sort that Hargraves ever had seen; a magnificent thing marvelous with paint and gold. It was a slender elaborate affair showing the figure of a woman, a woman who must have been a ravishing beauty in life if the carved and painted face was even a passable likeness of the original whose body was-supposedly-within the case. Moreover, it was a strikingly lifelike face; a face of perfect oval, with a delicate cleft chin, with beautifully rounded cheeks, with broad low forehead crowned with masses of black hair, with a thin straight nose that would have been imperious had it not been for the uptilted tip; with arching brows over lustrous eyes that seemed-even in painted form-to gaze up at Hargraves with a questing, ardent expression; and with carmine lips parted in an alluring, most provocative smile. "Actually looks as if she wanted to be kissed," mused Hargraves as he stood off and admired the carved and painted figure. "Must have been a pretty thing if she looked like that. Regular heart-breaker, back in days of the Pharaohs, I expect. And what a figure! Might represent Pharaoh's daughter at the time she found little Moses.".

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Edwin Balmer and William MacHarg
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