Quicklet On The Best Evanescence Songs: Lyrics And Analysis (ebook)

Quicklet On The Best Evanescence Songs: Lyrics And Analysis (ebook)

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ABOUT THE BOOK Evanescence is known for its heavy guitar riffs and the melodic voice of singer Amy Lee. Her lyrics are also highly reflective and portray a brutal honesty in talking about personal pain. This honesty coupled with the bands distinctive sound earned them a loyal fanbase that stuck with the band through album delays and lineup alterations. Lee has always been the face of the band, especially after Moodys departure, and generally dictates the creative direction and focus of the group. Here's an illuminating look inside the group's hit songs. MEET THE AUTHOR Dave Beaudrie is a graduate and valedictorian of Michigan State University with a B.A. in Advertising. He also studied Theatre and has performed in multiple productions around the country. He is a professional screenwriter as well with several projects either produced or in pre-production. He is licensed as a security specialist in the state of California and worked in the field for several years. Beaudrie is an avid mixed martial arts fan and has written extensively on the subject. He writes comedy as well under a pen name and resides in Los Angeles. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK On "What You Want": Lee had struggled with what she really wanted to do musically and with her life between the albums The Open Door and Evanescence. What You Want was a reminder to her fans and to herself that the band was her main focus and thats what she wanted her life to be about again. The video was shot in New York and featured Lee walking down the Brooklyn Bridge while reminiscing about the past. At the end, she jumps off the bridge and is met safely at the bottom by her bandmates. They then walk off together to forge a new musical destiny. On "Sweet Sacrifice": The opening lyrics of the song clearly reference being freed from the confines of an ugly relationship. The unchaining refers to finally breaking free of the unhealthy emotional ties that keep people in romances that are toxic to them.

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