Save Your Marriage: Simple Fixes To The Most Common Marital Problems (ebook)

Save Your Marriage: Simple Fixes To The Most Common Marital Problems (ebook)

Sarah Lilton
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Most people are excited about their wedding day. However, the wedding day itself isn't nearly as important as the years of marriage to follow. If you're truly committed to being married “for better or for worse,” you need to learn how to communicate appropriately with your significant other. About 20 percent of marriages end in divorce within the first five years of the marriage, and most of these marriages fail because of communications issues. Although financial problems, problems with relatives, and problems in the bedroom are among the top reasons for divorce, the real issue usually has to do with the way the couple communicate about these problems. In my experience as a coach-in-training, people are often afraid to talk about problems because they don't want to mess up the relationship. I've struggled with this as well, and I've found that every time I swallow anger, sadness or other negative feelings, I get depressed. Eventually, the feelings come out in a negative or destructive way, leaving me feeling embarrassed and causing unnecessary hurt to people I love. I've learned that honesty draws me closer to my significant other as well as allowing me to avoid that entire pattern. In any case, failure to communicate can cause tiny problems to become dealbreakers. For example, if you don't say anything about your partner's tendency to leave dishes in the sink, your partner may continue to leave the dishes undone and when you can't stand it anymore, you might fire off a list of accusations that quickly become an argument. Lack of communication can also lead to partners feeling defensive or picked on if criticized by the other partner, and 93 percent of couples who fight unfairly or attack one another verbally will get divorced within 10 years of marriage. You'll need to tone up your communication skills to help deal with bigger issues, too.

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Save Your Marriage: Simple Fixes To The Most Common Marital Problems (ebook)


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