Elect To Laugh! A Hilarious, Common Sense Guide To American Politics (2012 Election Edition) (ebook)

Elect To Laugh! A Hilarious, Common Sense Guide To American Politics (2012 Election Edition) (ebook)

Tim Dees
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ABOUT THE BOOK Q. For whom is this book intended? A. This book is designed as a comprehensive guide to the 2012 Presidential Election for potential voters and non-voters alike. Q. What do you mean by potential non-voters? A. People who haven't read the book. Q. Any particular sort of potential voter? A. Potential voters of all types: the decided, the undecided, the almost, kind of, really close to, near-the-vicinity-of decided and the you-couldn't-budge-me-with-anything-less-than-a-$300,000-direct-deposit-into-my-Swiss Bank Account decided. Q. What questions does this book answer? A. Easy questions. Hard questions. Any question that could possibly be answered by a series of smartass, cynical, semi-schmaltzy, highly acerbic, humorist-type ramblings. Even stupid questions. Remember there are no stupid question only Low Information Voters. Q. What does that mean? A. Low Information Voter is a new demographic category that means "stupid people." But the great thing is-you get to say it right in front of them. ROTFLMFAOLARTB. Q. Got an example? A. A recent poll shows 52% of Mississippi Republicans still believe President Obama is Muslim. And that doesn't include the hefty percentage who believe he's muslin. Q. Isn't that a loosely woven cotton fabric? A. Correctamundo. And yes, it does tend to confuse them, but it's a state to which they've become accustomed. Q. You mean Mississippi. A. Exactly. Now you've got it. Q. Got what? A. I don't know, but it's all over the front of your shirt. Go directly to the bathroom and wash it off. Immediately after purchasing the book, that is. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Democracy Is The New Black Welcoming the revolting flocks of the Mid East with a few cautionary notes about freedom.

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