Charlaine Harris: A Biography (ebook)

Charlaine Harris: A Biography (ebook)

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ABOUT THE BOOK “Oh my God. It was the man from Memphis.” --Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris For a long time after Elvis Presley died in 1977, he would be seen regularly, popping up in any number of strange places: in the U.S., Canada, even in Australia. In the late 1980s he appeared quite regularly in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Two television specials explored the existence of an Elvis conspiracy to cover up his non-death. Elvis sightings have tapered off somewhat in the past few years, and even the most rabid fans have finally accepted that the King is, in fact, dead. Unless, of course, you are Charlaine Harris. Then you have a very different explanation of what really happened to Elvis. Charlaine Harris is the unofficial queen of vampire fiction. Anne Rice might have come first, but it was Harris who really took the genre to a new level of contemporary popularity. Harris acknowledges that when she entered the field, it was relatively open except for Laurell K. Hamilton, whose vampire stories attracted followers, but quickly became too sexually graphic for some readers. Harris built on the field in a very different way, creating a highly realistic community of supernaturals, and many, many others soon followed. While writers like Stephenie Meyer might argue that they brought their own ideas to the table, the genre would not have taken life had Charlaine Harris not paved the way. She engaged readers and piqued interest in the notion that vampires and other supernatural creatures live amongst us every day, and she created vampire characters that really could be the guy or girl next door. In Charlaine Harris's supernatural family, one of the most intriguing characters is Bubba. We first meet Bubba near the end of Dead Until Dark (2001). Sookie is watching from her farmhouse porch swing when her co-worker Arlene arrives to pick up her children, whom Sookie had been babysitting.

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Charlaine Harris: A Biography (ebook)


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