Quicklet On Mark R. Levin'S Ameritopia (Cliffnotes-Like Summary And Analysis) (ebook)

Quicklet On Mark R. Levin'S Ameritopia (Cliffnotes-Like Summary And Analysis) (ebook)

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ABOUT THE BOOK “I can't sit down long enough to write a book, and now I don't have to ‘cause my buddy Mark Levin new book is out called Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. I don't have to write another book, at least not now.” - Rush Limbaugh Three years since the publication of his book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, best-selling author and conservative radio talk show host, Mark R. Levin published Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. In the book's introduction, Levin explains his reasoning for writing the book as a desire to answer certain questions regarding a utopian ideology he saw that “both attracts a free people and destroys them.” He noted that great leaders and thinkers, such as Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Story, and the Founding Fathers, “feared” such an ideology and recognized its “threat” and “destructiveness.” His desire to pen Ameritopia spurred largely from the recent shift to incorporate said ideology of utopianism into the American life. Said shift added to an ever-widening gap between ideologies in American political parties. By the end of President George W. Bush's second term in office, there was a great deal of outrage from the liberal left and portions of the conservative right regarding various policies and actions. During the 2008 election season, a relatively unknown African-American Senator from Illinois named Barack Hussein Obama burst onto the scene as a challenger to Democratic presidential candidate, New York Senator, and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton. The possibility of the first African-American to be elected president was touted as a “historical moment,” and many claimed to support him for just that reason -- to be part of history. Members of the audience fainted in more than one instance during Obama's campaign. What happened next sent ripples of shock through the nation.

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