Quicklet On Michael Lewis' Home Game: An Accidental Guide To Fatherhood (ebook)

Quicklet On Michael Lewis' Home Game: An Accidental Guide To Fatherhood (ebook)

Karen Lac
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ABOUT THE BOOK Parenthood is an experience often talked about but rarely understood by those who have not gone through it. It is an experience that can hardly be described in words. Author Michael Lewis, in Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood, never claims that he has written a definitive account of fatherhood. Contrary to the title, the book is not even really a guide to what one should expect and do when becoming a father. Rather, it is Lewis personal account of his experience of becoming a father to and raising three children. Reading much like a diary, he takes the reader on the journey that he and his wife, Tabitha Soren, went through. Through Lewis personal account, the reader gets a glimpse of what fatherhood is like. Or, more accurately, what fatherhood was like for one man. MEET THE AUTHOR Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Karen Lac has been writing since 1999. Her articles have appeared in print in The Occidental Weekly. Her writing reflects her broad interests. She writes travel, entertainment, political commentary, health, nutrition, food, education, career, and legal articles for numerous websites. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Bachelor of Arts in politics, both from Occidental College. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK When Lewis became a father, the only role model he had was his own father. His own father, like many men of that time whose primary responsibility was to provide economic security, wasnt really involved in raising him. The bulk of the dirty work was done by his mom. Now, fathers are expected to be involved. Lewis knows that some people thinks that he should do more to help his wife out with the kids, while there are others who think hes a saint for how much he does. Lewis makes it clear in his book that as of yet, there is no ideal model of fatherhood. If there was, then fatherhood, and parenting in general, wouldnt be so difficult and surprising.

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