The Hacker'S Guide To Getting To The Top Of Google Search (ebook)

The Hacker'S Guide To Getting To The Top Of Google Search (ebook)

Gino Dino
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ABOUT THE BOOK Who doesnt know Google? From its software and operating system products to its core search functionality, Google is close to omnipresent in our technologically interconnected world. A professor of mine once mentioned Google back when I was studying computer science. He said the search algorithm was brilliant, but the minds behind the mathematical feat were not so adept at web design. This explains Google Searchs simplistic search box and buttons. Not that any fancy, superfluous design was needed since search was the main function of the tool and Google delivered. Indeed, Google delivered and became one of the largest and most reputable companies on earth today. Spearheading the evolution of search engines for an ever-growing Internet, Google helped bring about the advent of a new industry that developed side-by-side with Internet marketing: search engine optimization (SEO). Ranking among the top results in Googles search results page is a marketers dream goal and a businessmans dream: period. There was a documented case back in Googles early years where a small business website was able to become the top result for a particular keyword for just one day, and ended up raking in an impressive $20,000 in profit. The numbers speak to what a powerful tool Google is for generating traffic to websites. The numbers tell how lucrative it can be if you can hack your way to the top of Google Search. MEET THE AUTHOR G Dino (Gino R. Dino) is a freelance web content specialist. He studied Computer Science but is now more adept in SEO than computer programming. He has been writing and developing myriad sorts of Web content on various topics for different people and companies since January of 2009. He enjoys doing what he does as much as he loves learning on the job. When hes not writing for a living, hes writing for leisure. When hes not writing for leisure, hes reading or gaming for inspiration.

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The Hacker'S Guide To Getting To The Top Of Google Search (ebook)


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