Quicklet On Black Beauty By Anna Sewell (ebook)

Quicklet On Black Beauty By Anna Sewell (ebook)

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Quicklets: Your Reading Sidekick! This Hyperink Quicklet includes an overall summary, chapter commentary, key characters, literary themes, fun trivia, and recommended related readings. ABOUT THE BOOK When I was nine years old, my mother gave me a copy of Black Beauty, the story of a lovable, loyal horse, for Christmas. My imagination was captured by Sewell's portrayal of a devoted relationship between a horse and his master, and I fantasized about riding and caring for such a beautiful creature someday. Inspired by the book, my brother and I made up a new game: we pretended our bicycles were horses. Mine was named Beauty and my brother named his Merrylegs, after Black Beauty's friend, the pony. We would leave the house in the morning and pedal to a nearby stream, all the way whinnying and neighing like horses, and giggling ‘til we almost fell off the saddle. Now my brother is gone, and so are our rusty old bikes. But the memories of Black Beauty, my favorite childhood book, will always remain in my heart. MEET THE AUTHOR Dianne is a freelance writer and editor. She is a member of Marin branch of the the California Writers Club and the North Bay Writers Group. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK It's been one hundred and twenty-five years since the first publication of Black Beauty in 1877, published by Jarold and Sons, a London book publisher. The publisher paid twenty pounds with no provisions for royalties. How sweet it would be if Anna Sewell had lived to know that her “little book” became the most beloved children's animal story of all time. While there are many descriptions of the cover of the early first editions, the original one is said to have been bound in red, blue or green cloth, and beautifully decorated with a drawing of a horse's head with bridle and rein. The title is printed in capital letters above the horse's head. Framing the horse and serving as a border is a golden oat plant intertwined among the slats of a trellis.

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Quicklet On Black Beauty By Anna Sewell (ebook)


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