Courage And Grace: The Life And Death Of Elizabeth Edwards (ebook)

Courage And Grace: The Life And Death Of Elizabeth Edwards (ebook)

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ABOUT THE BOOK Elizabeth Edwards' story is both remarkable and heartbreaking. Edwards was an intelligent and self-possessed woman who was a devoted mother and a loyal political partner to her husband, John Edwards. Elizabeth Edwards lived her life in the spotlight, and when her husband ran for the Democratic nomination for President, she became an important part of his campaign. When she announced that she had breast cancer, the nation responded with sympathy, regardless of their political affiliations. During her illness, Elizabeth Edwards was seen as a strong woman who courageous battled a terrible disease. During the most vulnerable period of Edwards' life, as she was undergoing chemotherapy, a shocking revelation derailed her husband's political campaign and thrust her into a media spotlight. When it was revealed that John Edwards was carrying on a sexual affair with another woman, Elizabeth Edwards was devastated. During this harrowing personal time, she had the courage to share her feelings with the rest of the world by writing a book about the experience. Elizabeth Edwards won the respect of many people with her honesty in the face of great personal pain. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK In their interview with Elizabeth Edwards, The Progressive reported that after Wade Edward's death, "she and her husband established the Wade Edwards Foundation, built a free computer lab for high school students in Raleigh, and set up a scholarship program in his name." When the Edwards established the Wade Edwards Foundation, Elizabeth Edwards devoted herself full-time to the administration of the foundation. The Wade Edwards Foundation was designed to help and inspire children in their educational endeavors. During this difficult time for the family, Elizabeth Edwards came to the conclusion that she wanted to have more children, and she began fertility treatments in order to get pregnant again. In 1998, the same year her husband was elected to the U.S.

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