Life And Eternity (ebook)

Life And Eternity (ebook)

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As I wrote the poems inside this book, I found they were deep writings. I started to write "Intro's" for these poems, in an effort to bring them closer to the surface. In the end, I found a deeper, yet simpler, meaning. It took me back to my first boxing match. I had trained 3 months straight and was confident I would win my fight. The harder I trained, the shorter and shorter each 3 minute round seamed. Once I entered the ring for the real bout, I was good! All my training was paying off. Then, 1 minute into this greatness, I got hit back! The last 2 minutes of that first round seemed like……. an ETERNITY. As I remembered that moment in my life, it took me back to a fight from "The Greatest"…….boxer Muhammad Ali. It was in the fourth round, against Sonny Liston, when something got into the eyes of Ali, and he couldn't see. Ali was a professional boxer, fighting for the heavy weight title of the world; in the ring with a man they called "A Killer". It was already said Liston would kill Ali, and now Ali, as much as he was ready for this fight, couldn't see the very thing that wanted to kill him. He had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. It seemed that all he could do (and he did want to) was to give up the fight, and hope that he would make it back some day, to try again. But like my situation (and like many of you that will read this book), that was simply not going to happen. Sometimes, our LIFE will begin to happen right there, in the worst situation, under the worst conditions, inside of an apparently impossible outcome. Ali went back to his corner; I went back to my cornerstone. Ali said "I can't see, you have to stop the fight!" I said the same thing. In Ali's corner, his trainer said "You have to, and you are, going to stay in this fight! Today happens, TODAY, and you are going to win, right now!" Ali responded with "How? I can't see!" You might want to say the same thing.

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Life And Eternity (ebook)


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