A Dragon'S Tail (ebook)

A Dragon'S Tail (ebook)

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`A Dragon's Tail by Glori Mulligan Backcover description: Siamese twin dragons, separated at birth, hold the key to happiness and dreams in their tails, and an evil generation of big, two-headed dragons is determined to keep them apart. If they get back together, Cumulus, the Land of Dragons, will be filled with happiness and wishes fulfilled. How will the twins get back together? Follow along in this Tail for All Ages as friends pop out of nowhere to lend a hand, a feather, a hoof, a paw and a claw, as one brother searches for the other. Beautifully illustrated in vibrant colors by Amanda Penrose The story of “A Dragon's Tail,” is about Siamese twin Dragons who were joined by their tails and separated at birth. They must be reunited so that their tails can be joined to unlock the lock to the land of the dragons, Cumulus the land of peace and happiness. The generation of evil dragons that separated Vortex and Cyclone has plans to take over Cumulus and exercise their power of evil. They had put a spell on Cyclone whereby he has been asleep for many years in a cave guarded by Maxaluna the evil dragon who has been a threat to anyone entering the cave. Emil, a gnome is the chosen leader of a traveling group whose mission is to help Vortex find his twin. The wizard Randanzo gives them a riddle to solve to help them on their journey to find Cyclone. They encounter the evil dragon in the cave of a mountain and put the dragon to sleep with their music and song while they wait for the wizard's help. A unicorn is sent who keeps the dragon in a trance while tricking him to tell where Cyclone is hidden. The two dragons are reunited and return to the land of the dragons, Cumulus. Upon waking from his deep sleep, the evil dragon promises to be good dragon and the group return home to live in peace and happiness with Emil. Maxaluna will have a mission to save all generations of dragons to commit themselves to goodness.

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A Dragon'S Tail (ebook)


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