The Archon'S Legacy (ebook)

The Archon'S Legacy (ebook)

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There is nothing noteworthy about Joshua Cooper's 17 year-old life except for the ear-splitting fights his parents get into. The brutal shouting matches between two parents that love him—but seemingly not each other—are the reason he continually runs away. On a particularly stormy night, Joshua once again flees his house and finds himself crossing the English Channel into France with the aid of a kind, older man. However, the storm is too fierce, and the boat is forced under the surf. Josh blacks out and awakens on a farm in the mysterious world of Lumenaria, where grains of illuminated dust riddle the sky. He learns that the shimmering spots of light are part of a mysterious life-based force called Essence that can be controlled by the locals for creation, healing…or war. The owner of the farm—a kind veteran named Wester—and his daughter, Arya, nurse Josh back to health and take him to the capital so he can find a way home. Upon their arrival, they hear whispers of a plot to destabilize peace in the province. When a brutal attack kills thousands, Josh finds himself a suspect and is suddenly left to decide whether to help Arya prevent a war at the risk of his own life, or return to a home which he isn't particularly fond of. At 81,000 words, The Archon's Legacy is young adult fantasy about Joshua's journey in a strange, new world that pits him against dark creatures, a commanding officer who wants his head, and his own doubts about his family. With adventure, danger, and heroism, The Archon's Legacy will provide excitement, tears, and smiles for readers who enjoy stories such as The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

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The Archon'S Legacy (ebook)


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