The God Of Our Ancestors (ebook)

The God Of Our Ancestors (ebook)

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The God of Our Ancestors is the scorching romance that tells the tale of two people and two peoples: Caleb, the ruggedly handsome Israelite stone cutter in Pharaoh's Egypt, whose relationship with the God of his ancestors is tested by unimaginable hardship; and Mishael, the strikingly beautiful Witch of Midian, whose sacrifice to remain pure for the God of her ancestors shapes her life. Caleb and Mishael struggle separately with their faiths in a world where faith defines them. The ancestral God of the Israelites demands worship as God Almighty, but then so does the ancestral God of the Midianites. When the descendants of Israel and the descendants of Midian cross paths, the explosive confrontation that ultimately ensues provides an emotional backdrop for one of the most important untold lessons of the Bible.The the first five books of the Bible builds to a climax with the Children of Israel on the verge of crossing over into the Promised Land. Yet it concludes with an elusive mystery that has withstood approximately 3500 years of scrutiny: how could God deny Moses, one of His most dedicated servants, entry into the Promised Land? The Bible says that God denied Moses entry into the Promised Land because Moses struck a rock twice to coax water from it, rather than simply speaking to the rock as God had commanded. But would God inflict such a harsh punishment on so dedicated a servant for such a trivial mistake or is there more to the story hidden in biblical passages? The God of Our Ancestors is biblically accurate midrash (storytelling), which weaves through hundreds of biblical passages to provide the context necessary for making sense of this ancient mystery.The mystery's solution reveals a new and vital biblical lesson that sheds light on contemporary life and death issues: religious extremism, the slaughter of innocents and the dangers of interpreting God's Word without compassion. We live in an era of terrorism, biological weapons and nuclear warheads. Now, when we most need guidance, the fog that surrounds an ancient mystery lifts to reveal an answer hidden in plain sight for approximately 3500 years. It is a humbling reminder of the power and majesty of the God of our ancestors.

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The God Of Our Ancestors (ebook)


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