The Basics Of Christianity (ebook)

The Basics Of Christianity (ebook)

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The Basics of Christianity Covers the fundamental subjects of Salvation, Faith and Authority. With out a solid understanding of what these subjects mean to a Christian yeas of struggle could be ahead. Many Christians have struggle to find and live the life that Christianity has promised. The Basics of Christianity changes that. It starts with salvation and explains why we need God to restore our broken relationship with Him. The Basics of Christianity explains how our relationship became broken with God and how much was lost. The Basics of Christianity finally explains how God restored our relationship with Him through His Sons death on the cross. With Christianity there is so much more after salvation and starting a fresh and new relationship with God. God wants us to start to grow and learn all that He has for us by showing us His power and might a little every day. By making and keeping His promises and teaching us to trust Him to love us and take care of us. God uses what we call faith to please God. Faith has been difficult to learn and harder to walk in and often is simply misunderstood as "Just believe God" for this or that. To often we find that Just believing isn't enough and alternative answers to walking in faith are few and far between. The Basics of Christianity clears up the faith issue simply and clearly. The faith section in this book is the heart and soul of it. So stop struggling to get faith right and read the Basics of Christianity and live with the confidence that you understand faith. That you can live in the kind of faith that Abraham did. After understanding salvation and getting your mind wrapped around faith you are ready to live life to the fullest in the authority that God had given you. Imagine Gods authority on loan to you.... Wow! A defeated life is not the way God intended for you to live even under the pressures of the world. There is not a troublesome situation that your authority through Christ can not change.

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The Basics Of Christianity (ebook)


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