Secrets Of A Heart (ebook)

Secrets Of A Heart (ebook)

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Secrets of a Heart provides a way of experiencing a method to put balance into our lives. The career should be important, but so should our private life. Our career is taking over our pleasure and happiness. What has the New American Way given us? Many Americans are experiencing the negative effects of globalization and worldwide development—A New American Way. My collection of poems, Secrets of a Heart, address the need and solution for couples experiencing company downsizing, family separation, and finally divorce. Why not reenergize yourself through poetry? I am a poet, wrapped in the trappings of this new culture, finding a way to embrace a difficult world while seemingly rejecting it at first glimpse…but even today maybe mistakenly assuming the worst, then attempting to adapt to its new challenges! It may help a reader to turn a negative situation into a positive quest for a happy and healthy life. Your challenge is to find a way to choose the special things, not everything. Doing the right steps to add creativity to your life is important! These tips have worked for both me and my readers in choosing the important activities to focus on in order to lead a less stressful life and feel successful. One must awaken the new you! Add an internal drive to restart your life. Try to add new activities to liberate you, learn from it, and move on. Secrets of a Heart reveal how to remove your worst feelings and emotions in poetic form. There is a better life ahead! My readers are experiencing the fun of being alive again and understanding where they have been, but where they are going. Learn how the answers are all around us to bring joy by partnering with family and new friends to revive passion and interest just like our youth. There is a way to rebuild or remake ourselves to become a powerful agent for change and join with others to celebrate the new you.

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Secrets Of A Heart (ebook)


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