Jerome Spear (Is Revenge Really Sweet?) (ebook)

Jerome Spear (Is Revenge Really Sweet?) (ebook)

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In 1969, Jerome Spear was celebrating his fifth birthday with his father, mother, and sister. After his family had gotten into their car, they were ambushed by gangsters wanting to get revenge on his father who was a very successful police detective at that time. Jerome looked one of the men straight in the eyes. His mother and sister were killed in the attack, only he and his father survived. James Spear, (Jerome's father), had vowed personal revenge against the attackers. He did not trust anybody on the police force anymore so he quit and became a private investigator so that he could legally wage an all out war against the assailants while secretly hiding Jerome until he was big and bad enough to take care of himself. By 1970, James had gotten all but one of the men but he would always tell Jerome he had gotten them all. By 1971 James was living his life as a very successful private investigator still hiding Jerome out but trying every effort to be with him on a weekly basis, (especially his birthdays), never to remarry because of the potential danger he would be putting on a new family. As the years followed, Jerome had developed a personal vendetta against crime, and around his birthday it seemed to be even more intense, so he naturally became a police officer when he grew up. It is 30 years after the shooting, and through his police association, Jerome sees a younger picture of a high-ranking government official who looks exactly like the attacker he saw in 1969. A quick call to his father results in him finding out the truth about one of the men getting away. So James and Jerome use all their skills to try to get the last man who ruined their lives so many years ago.

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