Hannah'S Golden Moment (ebook)

Hannah'S Golden Moment (ebook)

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1804 Hannah accidentally meets Percy in the woods Twenty-nine years old, Amanda Blows, lived in a small two bedroom cottage in Tatham's Fells, near Boston, Lancashire, with her two daughters. All the cottages were primitive in that they had no running water. No toilet or bathroom. Water was obtained from a single pump at the horse trough in the village square. Amanda's eldest daughter Hannah was ten years old, and her youngest daughter Charlotte, six year old. The children's father had long since taken off and not been heard from again. Life had been hard, but the same could be said for hundred's of families who barely scraped a living. They worked long hours in the spinning factories, and the bleach works or in one of the titled gentry mansions. Caring for her two children had fallen to Amanda almost from the time the girls were babies. Fortunately, she had always been able to rely on her mother, Jean Blows, whom the children lovingly called Nanna. Amanda was still very attractive. Her eyes violet in color was brushed by long lashes. Her long blond hair was partly covered by a kerchief to help keep it from falling over her face as she leaned over the scrub board in the small scullery. These days, she always appeared to wear a troubled look on her face, but this did not subdue the brightness in her eyes as she pulled up the corner of her apron to wipe the perspiration from her forehead. After all, the children were happy even though they were very poor and daily barely able to make ends meet. The cottage, situated on a lane adjacent to a large wooded area, was owned by Lord Hauntmont as was almost all the property around that area. The Hauntmont family had owned the land at Tatham Fells for four generations. They also owned two of the largest cotton mills. The nearest neighbor to the Hauntmont estate was Wilfred Ainsworth of Smithhill Hall. The hall had been built of sand coloured bricks and consisted of twenty eight rooms.

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Hannah'S Golden Moment (ebook)


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