The Last Man Lunching And Other Such Tales (ebook)

The Last Man Lunching And Other Such Tales (ebook)

Tony Craig
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'The Last Man Lunching and Other Such Tales’ is a glorious romp through the fictitious world of AJ Frobisher, an Officer and a Gentleman, and, in the true spirit of P.G. Wodehouse’s Bertie Wooster, only this time on steroids, it is a triumph of adversity over triumph! Each chapter contains a separate story, spun from one of the many incidents in his shambolic life and range from his days as a mere youth in post World War II England to an age when he really should’ve known better! It is daft; it is silly, but, more than that, it is highly amusing, as Frobisher battles with love, life and fate and everything else that gets in the way and anything that can go wrong usually does, but, undaunted, Frobisher faces each challenge with the tenacity of a limpet clinging to a sinking ship! A run-down of each chapter gives you a flavour of the madness to come! The book opens with 'Great Aunt Dotty’s Will or How to Lose a Fortune Without Really Trying’, a cautionary tale of bodysnatching and skullduggery between rival factions of Frobisher’s family, as he tries desperately to help his father inherit Great Aunt Dotty’s fortune under the eccentric terms of her will. 'Two Cups of Tea and a Slice of Revolution, Please or How to Lose an Election and Win at the Same Time!’, is a sobering tale of revolutionary, political intrigue and scandal, involving blackmail, mad monks, Groucho Marx and, of course, sex, as Frobisher attempts to get elected to his local Parish Council to stop it closing down the village pub, his home from home, due to the disorderly behaviour of its clientele. 'The Last Man Lunching or Death by a 1,000 Cold Cuts!’, is an essay on how to scrounge a free lunch under even the most unfavourable circumstances when the chips are down and disgustingly greasy and served up with a soggy fried egg and a dollop of congealed baked beans on the side.

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The Last Man Lunching And Other Such Tales (ebook)


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