The Glycation Factor (ebook)

The Glycation Factor (ebook)

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The Glycation Factor revolutionizes the way we think about what's good to eat for health. For many decades, so-called nutrition experts kept focusing on the dangers of fat and cholesterol even though there wasn't any proven evidence. The "evidence" was actually all conjured up and statistically manipulated. I'm here to explain to you the real dietary villain and it's effect on every aspect of your health. This "villain" is glucose or blood sugar coming from the carbohydrates that we eat. This glucose binds to the proteins that make up our body – this is a glycated protein and the resulting damage glycated proteins cause is beyond anything you can imagine! So, what you're telling me that the recommended diet advice from all the experts out there is wrong and you're right? Unfortunately, yes. I followed their advice and consulted with the experts myself even becoming a strict vegetarian but could never achieve optimal health. I've done this for over 40 years of my life and out of sheer frustration went to college and grad school to get my PhD and do the research myself and the results shocked me. What did I learn? That no one did their homework and they just blindly followed what they'd heard. For the last 20 years I followed the truth which has given both me and my clients outstanding results. This book reveals those truths. So Dr. Ellis, all I have to do is follow a low-carbohydrate diet? If only it were that simple but there is much more to it, and 99% of the popular low-carb diets out there miss so much that's critical to your success. For example, many of these diets talk about increasing protein and in the wrong nutritional environment this is hazardous. You should never follow a low-fat, high-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet.

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The Glycation Factor (ebook)


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