Teach Me If You Can! (ebook)

Teach Me If You Can! (ebook)

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Teaching in today's world has become a major challenge but imagine trying to educate individuals with special needs such as Downs-syndrome, profound autism, learning & behavioral disorders, authority issues, cerebral palsy, and even medically fragile conditions. Dr. Laz shows us that it can be done in a meaningful and fun way, as long as we become knowledgable and effective teachers, making the switch to a more student-centered approach. In this new book, Teach Me If You Can, Dr. Laz utilizes a variety of classroom-proven, motivational and exciting techniques to reach his most difficult students, including expressive arts therapies, experiential education, hands-on music and science, peer interactive learning, ropes course activities, black light theatre, and much more. While the book combines theory along with practical solutions, it is much more than a textbook, as it contains many first-person stories from the "frontline” of the special education classrooms. The stories are touching, personal, often funny, and always inspiring, as Dr. Laz (as he is affectionately known) takes his students from their usual role of being passive observers to one of active participants. Dr. Laz uses a variety of exciting, motivational techniques, pulling out every trick in the book, to reach these hard-to-reach kids. He forms a "sing & sign” choir, where non-verbal students are taught American Sign Language to communicate to live music. Others with profound physical challenges use assistive technology and adaptive knee & head switches to run lighting and other visual effects. His students put on major drama productions for the entire community. Using their adaptive instruments and technology, students with profound special needs function as the actors, singers, dancers, joke tellers, lighting and stage hands, and even the show's M.C. - many doing so right from their wheelchairs! Dr.

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