Queering The Stage (ebook)

Queering The Stage (ebook)

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Welcome to my chronicle of LGBT history and heroes through theatrical storytelling. In these pages, you'll travel through time from the early 90s in New York City to Byzantium in 527 A.D. You'll become an ACT UP activist, a World War II veteran, and a country girl making peace with her lesbian feelings and her deceased, gay father. Also, this is a firsthand description of performing during the Queer 90s as a club kid in New York City. It documents the malling of Manhattan and the attempt at muzzling the performance artist. And moreover, this is a dare. I challenge you to follow my Shake & Make Performance recipe and start QUEERING THE STAGE. Your voice and vision can empower and uplift us all. JACK-ATTACK! KUDOS FROM PRESS AND PEERS! THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dave Richards: "Protests his demise." "Punching." TIME OUT NEW YORK: "Future so bright." TIME OUT LISBON: "In your face performance." THE JERSEY JOURNAL, John Petrick: “Shamblin gets his message out in bold and unconventional ways. If it’s family entertainment you’re looking for, see 'The Lion King.' If it’s cutting edge social commentary—often visually stunning—go downtown to KGB on East Fourth Street in Manhattan . . . ” "A fierce stage personality." Obie Award Winning Director Anne Bogart: "Agile in spirit, body and mind." Obie Award Winning Performance Artist Theodora Skipitares: "Heroic." Tony Award Nominated Actress Jayne Atkinson: "We need people like you in theatre." PUBLICO, Rui Ferreira de Sousa: "High fantasy." "Manipulator of chaos!" "A discovery intersecting the text and the body.".

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Queering The Stage (ebook)


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