Mind Over Mat - The Mat (ebook)

Mind Over Mat - The Mat (ebook)

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Is there something you want to achieve or obtain? Jenny Gallagher provides a new approach to creating positive change through seemingly unrelated and enjoyable activities. If you are not getting the results you want from your yen or what you may call your longings, yearnings, desires, goals, or dreams, then you need to give this eBook a try. "Mind Over Mat - The Mat: Practice Going with the Flow" is part of a four eBook series geared to helping you achieve your dreams. The other eBooks in the series are: Mind Over Mat - The Mind: Having Fun While Focusing on What Matters Mind Over Mat - The Mat: A Grounding Practice Mind Over Mat - The Mat: The Challenge Have you been trying too hard and critical about your results or lack thereof? Do you want to be less controlling and set in your ways? Would you like be gentle, yet strong and enjoy life a bit more? In this yoga practice you will move with graceful ease. The nutritional tips will reduce inflammation and soothe the body and mind. You will find a variety of other activities and tips to explore as well. Once you achieve more positive feelings and have some fun with "Mind Over Mat" you can move on to Jenny’s other two books, which will provide a more pragmatic approach to achieving your goals. "Four Steps to a Better Life" (2007) and "Yen Path: Taking Steps Towards What You Want in Life" (2011) will be referenced throughout this book to help guide you every step of the way towards real transformation.

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Mind Over Mat - The Mat (ebook)


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