Six Steps To An Emotionally Intelligent Teenager (ebook)

Six Steps To An Emotionally Intelligent Teenager (ebook)

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Practical parenting ideas for kids from ages 13 to 19Helping teenagers navigate the rocky years between childhood and adulthood has always been a parenting challenge--a challenge that has only grown more difficult in today's fast-paced society. Noted parenting author and psychologist James Windell knows teens. He interacts with them every day. In this book, he offers exercises and practical ideas on how parents can raise a well-adjusted teenager with a solid chance for a successful life. Unlike so many books on parenting and teens that focus on discipline, this book emphasizes the importance of goal-setting, communication, and the development of social skills during the teen years. It reveals how to develop teens' emotional intelligence by demonstrating to them how they can handle their own emotions and respond constructively to the emotions of others.James Windell, MA (Detroit, MI), is a juvenile court psychologist. He is the author of "Children Who Say No When You Want Them to Say Yes" and "Eight Weeks to a Well-Behaved Child." Windell has appeared on CNN and Donahue, and his work has appeared in many national newspapers and magazines, including Jane Brody's column in the New York Times.

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Six Steps To An Emotionally Intelligent Teenager (ebook)


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