Pushin'S New Bag (ebook)

Pushin'S New Bag (ebook)

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Who is Pushkin? Pushkin is a lovable schnoodle (part schnauzer, part poodle). He lives with Emma, a socially conscious young woman just starting her career as a freelance journalist. Emma spoils Pushkin with special food, long walks and lots of love Pushkin is good natured and friendly, and has an extended network of dog friends and (through Emma) human friends that he stays in touch with by computer and cell phone. He likes his creature comforts, and claims that he does his best thinking in his plush dog bed. One of his best friends is Bosley, a somewhat professorial dachshund who lives in England. Bosley is a fount of knowledge and Pushkin often consults him when he needs to know something. Bosley offers a calm, rational counterpoint to Pushkin's impatient, “jump in with both feet” approach. Pushkin, though he is an adult dog, has the inquisitiveness of a puppy. This trait, combined with his somewhat impulsive nature, often compels him to take on the challenge when he becomes aware of a problem. He is curious, willing to experiment and makes use of what he observes around him. Sometimes he gets frustrated when his plans don't quite work out, but he never gives up. He remains determined to find a solution. Pushkin is Every Dog and Every Person – he just wants to make sense of this complex world and figure out how to make his life and the lives of others a little better in the bargain. His friends like to tease Pushkin and often say: “Pushkin, Pushkin The smart little schnoodle - He figures things out By using his noodle.”.

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