Oh How Great The Delusion (ebook)

Oh How Great The Delusion (ebook)

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This book pulls the pants down on religion. "Oh How Great the Delusion" is one of those books that has the potential to change the world. To help liberate the people from the shackles and chains of religion by pointing out in a most clear, irrefutable way, the nonsense religious believers devote their lives to. RayJoe, a former Christian, simply exposes religion for the delusion it is. We all know one can make a case in an effort to debunk religion by using philosophical, scientific and historical arguments; or one could point out the many obvious contradictions, errors and false prophecies in the bible to prove it is strictly a product of men. But it is even easier than going through all that to see we have been deluded by religion. RayJoe points out elementary examples such as when sick children of religious parents die because they believed entirely in Jesus to heal rather than a real physician. A tragedy such as this should cause sensible, thinking people to discard the religion as false, and thus leave it. When gay teens commit suicide because their devout fanatical parents insist they change or be tossed in a hell, then you can throw your religion in the trash can, not your children. When religions claim they have the absolute truth and bring about division, discord, strife and death because of it then we as a human race have got to stop this insanity of religion. When disasters and tragedy strike the devout believers and their churches get wiped out by earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc. then they should come out from their delusion that their god blesses them, protects them and their loved ones, their property and places of worship. It is not true. They are simply deceived by scriptures and should not mistake any good luck, or comfortable living for answered prayer or blessings. The evidence is overwhelmingly contrary to that. One of the big highlights of this book is "The Letter to the Religionians.

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Oh How Great The Delusion (ebook)


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