Love: Wielding Its Power (ebook)

Love: Wielding Its Power (ebook)

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More valuable than gold, love is the "oxygen" that animates your spirit and makes the trials and tribulations of life worth bearing. The more love you send into the world and invite into your life, the healthier you'll be-emotionally, physically, spiritually, even financially. (A common refrain reminds us, "Do what you love-the money will follow.") "Getting over" a broken heart or a lost loved one is a daunting task. After a devestating loss, many people build virtual "walls" to protect themselves from subsequent similar woundings. Those who do face increasingly unbearable existences. We were all created to love and be loved. In "7 Minute Reads: Love: Harness its Power" you'll learn what to do when life hurts. The answer to one simple question will answer your most pressing concerns. You'll learn the question so you can ask it to yourself when life is hard on you or a loved one of yours. You'll also learn why so many people are depressed these days (hint: it isn't the economy!) and you'll be shown ways to alleviate their suffering without it costing you a single dime. (Hint: Our culture this remedy, which is why so many people are depressed!) Although it's frequently tried, living only for oneself leads to a dwarfed, stunted life. Love attracts love. Unless you love yourself, it's impossible to love others. This 7-Minute Read also addresses this aspect of love. And there's more: when loving is hard; why loving and forgiving your enemies is powerful; how love changes people; love as universal language. A "love life" that renews you is within your grasp. Embrace it now!.

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