The Love Ladder (ebook)

The Love Ladder (ebook)

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The Love Ladder is the first and only book to condense all the great secrets of romantic relationships into specific, step-by-step actions to find and grow the love you've always wanted. The author spent almost 40 years compiling this information so you don't have to. You can discover how to make yourself more desirable and ready for love, what to look for in a partner, how to evaluate a current relationship and assess its future potential, and how to grow an existing relationship using innovative commitment-oriented exercises. You'll improve your connection, chemistry, communication, conflict management, and much, much more. If you want to have the timeless secrets of love at your fingertips, know who's right for you and who isn't, and be able to deepen the level of commitment and depth of love with your partner, The Love Ladder is for you. Unique tools are used to examine in detail the key areas of love as they relate to you and current or future partners. These areas are organized as: companionship, communication, conflict management, chemistry, connection, and commitment. (Compatibility depends on the six other areas.) After the evaluation tools are used to assess current status and an initial idea of future potential, similar tools are employed in detailed exercises developed to solve a widespread problem in relationship teaching and training. Countless books, seminars and workshops have focused on providing relationship information—information about differences between men and women and how men and women should relate to each other. Often exercises for the couple to do together are included. But there are problems with this approach. First, there is so much information, the key points may get overlooked and never acted on. Second, a couple may intend to do the exercises, but it's well known that a desired action without a specific deadline for completion usually doesn't get done.

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The Love Ladder (ebook)


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