And On The Seventh Day He Rested... Part Two (ebook)

And On The Seventh Day He Rested... Part Two (ebook)

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And on the seventh day he rested is an amazing tale of past, present, and future high adventure. It's a rich and captivating story of love and rivalry played out against a tapestry of murder, terrorism and a full-blown war raging across two worlds. One is physical the other digital. Both are real in most senses of the word and both are utterly dangerous. In the year 2056, with the web grown into a 100% interactive, fully 3D, digital world, many concepts envisioned by early science fiction writers has come true. Among those - the idea of touristing in the historical past, which has not only been made possible, but turned into an industry. Alexander Hook is a young man of Swedish descent. He is a bright and ambitious, but also a bit of a loner. He lives in a Northern Ontario forestry village but spends most of his time on the net. Alex works for Brookwell's Adventurism, a web-based bureau offering guided tours to the mainstream tourist in live, digitalized reproductions of the long gone past. One of Brookwell's tours brings to life the burning of Rome by the Emperor Nero, down to every gritty detail of the man-made inferno; another explores the life, teachings and subsequent crucifixion of Jesus Christ. At a guiding Alex meets and falls in love with a beautiful and intriguing girl. Then, as he checks in at the bureau after the tour, he gets a proposal from his boss to take on a new challenge. Alex's ambitions start to soar on both fronts but from that moment on, his life and his whole world slowly start spinning out of control. As things quickly go from bad to worse there is only one person in the world Alex can turn to for help- Leo Wang, an undercover cop based on the net. At the height of the madness Alex finds himself in a desperate fight to save himself and the girl he loves, caught in a monumental clash between, on one side, a "real" terrorist organisation in league with a digital one, and on the other, some of the top political leaders of the world.

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And On The Seventh Day He Rested... Part Two (ebook)


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