Expatriate Games - 662 Days In Bangladesh (ebook)

Expatriate Games - 662 Days In Bangladesh (ebook)

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Holiday "The knowledge based newspaper" (published in Dhaka, Bangladesh) August 10, 2001 In black and white – by Hasna Abdul Hye This is a reprint of 'Expatriate Games' the first full-length book written by a foreigner on life in Dhaka, which in itself is a distinction. That it is based on the author's experiences of two eventful years in the mid-nineties and not on the impressions of a short touristic visit makes it all the more unique. From the beginning to the end the book is totally absorbing and immensely entertaining. The book is likely to offend the Bangladeshi readers at first because of the author's apparent lack of sensitivity and dislike for many of the familiar fixtures of life in Dhaka. But with his disarming humour and frolicsome behaviour the author is bound to worm his way into their hearts soon. It does not take long to discover that though reeling from cultural shocks in his early encounters with individuals, sights, sounds and smells, the author's good-humoured nature gets the better of ill-feelings and turns every experience, however unpleasant, into an occasion for enjoyment of joie de vivre. His mocking attitude and sarcasm give way to his genial predisposition for fun and amusement. The child-like pranks and juvenile delinquency that he indulges in from time to time brings to the fore his comic sense of life in general and expat life in Dhaka in particular. Using humour at every turn he makes fun of everything including himself. At the end he emerges as a very human "Bideshi" who enjoyed every moment of his expat life in Bangladesh. He may even have loved Dhaka warts and all. Otherwise why should he bother to write on the two years he spent in Bangladesh. It is more a book of adventure than a chronicle of daily life lived abroad. In keeping with the spirit of adventure, the author maintains a frenetic speed in narrative and creates suspense intermittently, both of which keep the read glued to the pages.

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Expatriate Games - 662 Days In Bangladesh (ebook)


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