The Find (ebook)

The Find (ebook)

Marilyn Jax
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Crack investigator Claire Caswell had seen a lot of snaky dealings behind the scenes of environmental clean-up projects, but she never expected to find a murder victim at the bottom of a suspicious dig site. When a mysterious ancient relic surfaces and her investigation turns up an unexpected relative, and Nazi connections, she finds herself torn between mysteries in both the present and the past. Working side by side with her love interest -- Gaston Lombard, a lead Miami-Dade State Attorney -- to solve the seemingly impossible homicide, tensions build and teeter. Someone does not want Claire Caswell on the case, but why? The Find, with its vivid settings and haunting characters, weaves a chilling tale of murder, greed, and suspense that will seize your imagination and take it on an unforgettable ride. A fraud investigator for the state of Florida for fifteen years, Claire Caswell is known for being scrupulous, unrelenting, and intuitive, with an unquestionable reputation. In The Find human remains are accidentally unearthed at the bottom of a dig site Claire is overseeing and she is called upon to return to Miami suddenly and unexpectedly from a long anticipated Caribbean island vacation to head the investigation. The cause of death of the victim is promptly ruled a homicide over four decades old. Working alongside the highly esteemed Miami-Dade State Attorney, Gaston Lombard, Claire finds herself pulled into overlapping tales of intricate complexity. These at first seemingly unrelated stories lead to unexpected connections between a Nazi death camp survivor and an age-old smuggling mystery and in the end to Claire herself. Traversing three continents, and spanning many decades, these mysteries will challenge her investigative skills like never before and ultimately even her own safety. This masterful mystery has been awarded six national book awards. .

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The Find (ebook)


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