Realia (ebook)

Realia (ebook)

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God is the sum of all his particles. God's particles are the basis of Realia. The God Particle as it is called, or technically, the Higg's boson, is discovered in CERNS Large Hadron Collider, in 2012. The next breakthrough comes in 2042, when Quantum Physicists learn how to disintegrate a human being and accelerate his atoms to the speed of light and thereby interact with one or more God Particles in the follow-up machine, the Large Mass Collider. 'Realia' is the term that will be used for what lies underneath and powers what we think of as "Reality". Realia is a space time continuum, never before explored until now and which will go down in history as Mankind's defining moment. In our story, the Chinese and American governments, each scramble to send an atomonaut into quantum space to learn if the God Particle can provide them with enough power to control the world. The "God Bomb" is pursued by both sides from opposite ends of the planet. If things escalate, this injection of a brave few volunteers into the Quantum soup could become the battleground for World War Three. However, at the same time, as the laws of probability and synchronicity would predict, Kundun Gyaltso, a ten-year-old Tibetan monk, pursues the truth about God's particles through an amazing new REAL-D mandala software he has created and that is eventually downloaded by nearly every computer device on the planet. The experience literally blows the mind of any audience he entertains until he finally performs the most important REAL-D mandala concert in history at the White House. Who will win the race to control the universe? The powers in government that now rule our world? Or will it be the power being probed and soon to be unleashed - the 'God Particle'? The ending, the most original and thought-provoking ending in history, will surprise, astonish and amaze every reader.

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Realia (ebook)


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