108 Blessings Of A Babaji (ebook)

108 Blessings Of A Babaji (ebook)

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Like a traveler who is eager to bathe in a cold waterfall after a long day's journey, the soul is anxious for the crystal clear knowledge that will give it happiness. It is believed by many, that up in the Himalayan Mountains of India millenniums ago the original Truth of the World was spoken. Finding the values of the materialistic world inconsistent, I journeyed to the land of sages in search of some traces of ancient culture. Climbing the " roof of the world " seemed to be a good place to get a grand perspective! The wise men of the East believe that the topmost knowledge is found in the Vedas, ancient scriptures given to humankind, like a manual for the universe upon creation. I was so eager to meet all those carrying that wisdom in their hearts! And indeed what a wonderful rollercoaster ride India turned out to be: dodging the chaos of metropolitan life, I ventured into the areas where the count of centuries seemed to stop... Moments spend at those holy places were transformational, but what struck me even more was the deep shinning light in the eyes of people living around those temples. Felt like the warmth of true values was reflecting with kindness, or was is just my imagination? Even though I traveled by myself I never felt alone. In fact, the true purpose of this pilgrimage was to take all of you, those that I love and care about to this wonderful land. Always feeling an integral part of it, I always wanted to share with the world what is the most important and of eternal value. The path of Sanatana Dharma is what Vedas describe as eternal universal principle for material prosperity and spiritual elevation. Babajis or " sadhus" are those who decide to lead lives of traveling mendicants. Addressing someone as a Babaji, or Baba for short, is a sign of respect. Absorbed in life's essence these pilgrims travel from one holy place to another.

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108 Blessings Of A Babaji (ebook)


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