Rickie Redeemed (ebook)

Rickie Redeemed (ebook)

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Smokin' hot 50-year-old divorcee and fitness addict Rickie Lennox is not a likely candidate for breast cancer, but getting diagnosed for exactly that possibility is where she starts her personal narrative as she relates, between procedures, how her dream date, Rolf Halverson, first found the breast lump which led to the gauntlet of diagnostics she is about to endure during her visit to the Breast Health Imaging Center. Between mammograms, sonograms, and waiting-room jitters, she tells the story of her chance encounter on the Friday night bar-scene with Rolf Halverson, the 35-year-old actor she's had a crush on since he started working out at the Gold's Gym in Pasadena, California, where she works as a personal trainer. They have a first date which shows every sign of leading to a committed relationship, then unravels the next morning as Rolf finds the suspicious lump. The discovery puts their relationship on hold as her life descends into a vortex of diagnostics, chemotherapy, and the attendant discomforts, but which she confronts with an inquiring mind and a firm belief that her doctors and all their debilitating therapies cannot be the sole author of her cure. She resolves to take her medicine, nevertheless, for her family's sake; but she also takes the reins of her inner health by implementing non-traditional approaches to wellness in the form of holistic healing, meditation, and chiropractic—as well as doses of supportive bonding with her closest girlfriends, her children, and even her ex-husband. When the tumor is finally defeated, she must struggle with a new challenge when she finds herself irresistibly drawn to the radiation therapist who sees her damaged breast on a daily basis until her treatment is completed. The outcome is a testimony to not only her survival but to the real cure she achieves for herself in Rickie Redeemed.

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