Infinite Wisdom - Modern Words (ebook)

Infinite Wisdom - Modern Words (ebook)

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I wrote this book for those of you that are still searching for your Life Purpose and for Peace and Joy in your life. If you feel a tingling that this might be the book for you, then do yourself the greatest favor: Read Infinite Wisdom - Modern Words. This book tells you how to find your Life Purpose - with just Two Words. This statement may seam totally out of the blue, but believe me - it's true. In July 2011, I had a series of major insights leading up to a literal and precise "patent" for what Peace is, and discovered how to achieve it both on planet Earth and within each individual human. The insights, and the "patent" for Peace were put into words my book: Infinite Wisdom - Modern Words. There are billions of humans alive today, but for all of these there is a single definition of Peace and Life Purpose - despite the enormous variation within this huge population. Life Purpose is that particular something or those particular somethings, that when you are, achieve or do them, bring you complete Peace. The something or the somethings are not stationary, and they may change throughout your life as you move towards them. Some may even disappear, and others may suddenly appear. Regardless, when you achieve that which is your Life Purpose, you feel complete Peace within. The precise definition of Peace is described in Infinite Wisdom - Modern Words, and using the precise definition of Pain, Peace is a state in which nothing can cause Pain. Peace on planet Earth and within its entire human population, is a state where nothing can cause Pain. Such a state might seam far off, or perhaps naïve and idyllic. However, such Peace is possible, and the state is precisely defined. Peace at the levels of the individual human and planet Earth are related. When the individual human experiences partial Peace in a given moment, it has done what it can to contribute to the whole experiencing Peace in the same given moment.

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