Falling From Eden, Inc. (ebook)

Falling From Eden, Inc. (ebook)

Ross Wright
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To save his washed-up body-builder father's gym business from bankruptcy, nineteen-year-old Ethan Stone reluctantly accepts a summer job, offered by celebrity fitness trainer Ascot LaRouche, operating the gym facilities at Eden Inc.'s newest exclusive seven-star-resort. Ethan would rather stay and help run the business with his girlfriend Vanessa, but taking this job is their only hope to save Blood-Sweat-N-Tears Gym. To his surprise and amazement the job isn't abroad as he had thought, it's on Eden Inc first outer space resort for the super wealthy. Before the guests arrive an explosion destroys the station and traps Ethan and Ascot inside a small chunk, tumbling through space like a comet. The artificial gravity has inexplicably increased and is increasing everyday. It will be eight years before they are close enough to jettison back to Earth; that's if the increasing gravity doesn't crush them first. From the moment Ethan returns to Earth, he is hunted at every turn by Casper Degas, the sociopath CEO of Eden Inc. and his unique team of assassins, who will go to any length to make sure that Ethan doesn't stay alive to expose the accident that they have so ruthlessly covered up. Ethan discovers that during his time in outer space he has acquired some unique and extraordinary abilities that now present to him several confusing options. Through a turbulent stream of events, Ethan discovers what his values are and how he is going to put his newfound skills to use. Ethan's summer job begins as a simple attempt to save a small business but instead he goes on a surreal journey and is transformed into a man with the potential to save the world from a maniacal industrialist who is willing to destroy the planet in order to control it.

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